Credentialing Instructions (Use the links above):

1. Complete the Application
2. Get the Certification letter. Use it as your
checklist to complete each requirement.
3. View the videos  (Recommended: Write at least a note every 5 minutes).
4. Or go through the slides (doing 2 and 3 recommended but  not required). You must do 2 or 3.
5. Save or create a link to the Laws and Policy (Read them)
6. Download the Counseling Plan (needed for counseling sessions)
7. Complete and sign the certification letter
8. Email to:
9. Submit the credential offering ($100.00)
Recommendation:  Purchase the books for
your counseling library.
Welcome to our many friends and followers. Please follow these instructions for this site.  Use Self-Serve, or Counseling intake for counseling assistance:

Self-serve (forty days of focus and healing).
1. Always view the Process of Being Made Whole 1 and 2 first.
2. Write notes to help you retain information of any video you see.
3. Ask Jesus to make the principles a reality in your life. Pray this daily for forty days
4. Send any questions to this email, or find us on any of our Facebook pages.
5. Proceed to any other video our Christ-based topic you need.  Remember, it's more than just reading through, these are all healing exercises. Use steps 2-4.

Counseling intake for counseling: Complete this form, click here: 
Counselees: Please follow your counselors advice.  Use the Menu above.
Program:  All new counselees view the following
1.The Process of Being Made Whole 1 and 2
2. Each session with your counselor, be prepared to discuss these
3. Your assigned video.

Counselors: There are two programs:

Program 1: Operation Jesus' Touch, Encouragers
A. Use the menu (above), and complete the following
     1. Process of Being Made Whole 1 and 2
     2. Joy Therapy 1-4.
     3. Be sure to print or read the Laws and Policy (password: naccbcpolicy123
     4. Always have your Counseling Plan
     5. Contact: Dr. Bates

Program 2: Full Counselors Program.  Use this link

Facebook Pages:
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