The nation's Christ-based leader, Author, Torch-bearing Christ-based Counselor, Pastoral Mentor, leading-edge Christian educator, Quality administration champion and Ministry-Visionary of the nation's exclusive Christ-based Ministries: 
Years of Diverse Ministry Experience

During the past five decades he has worked with several churches comprised of diverse denominational, ethnic, and social backgrounds. Regarding churches and denominations he represents the mature "in-Christ" view. He shares, "It's not the church  or denomination that is  important. The  primary concern is one's position in Jesus Christ, with results of a Spirit-filled life that glorifies God."

Expansive Professional and Ministry Education

Since the 1970s he has been involved with several ministries including but not limited to Here's Life America, Prison Visitation, Christian Education, Counseling, and Community support programs.  Educationally, he has attended a number of colleges and  universities  including the University of Arizona, University of San Francisco, Simpson University and Golden State School of Theology. He possesses advanced degrees in administration and pastoral ministries including a Master of Divinity and earned doctorate in Christian Counseling. 

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Steven B. DavidSon has come from a rich Christian heritage of ministers, teachers, and lay persons. His name Steven (Crown), and DavidSon (son, or sons of David) was not by human flesh, but the divine providence of God.
Called, Anointed, and Spirit-filled

However, his call, gift,  and love for Jesus Christ is the driving conviction in his life. He's the former servant leader of counseling services with the Westside congregation in Lewisville, Texas.

He's in the twenty-fifth year as founder of A3CEES (A-three-Sees)  the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators, and Educational Systems with the on-line CollegePlex including several seminaries, the National Association of Certified Christ-based Counselors, and more located in the Christ-based hub ( It is now, legacy A3CEES, Amazing Things The Church. Dr. Davidson is a pioneer in web-based ministries for Jesus since 1997, and features the most robust on-line Christian Educational Systems in the nation. Dr. DavidSon is an end-of-the-age Christian educator. He has owned the U.S. registered trademark and copyright for Christ-based Counseling. He's responsible for the whole Christ-based Counseling genre including books and concept papers.

Profound Writer of Contemporary Christianity

Dr. DavidSon is one of the most profound writers of contemporary Christianity.
His articles on contemporary issues involving the Church and believers have been posted on media across the nation.



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The Nation's Christ-based Leader

Providentially, he is the nation's foremost Christ-based Counselor. Christ-based Counseling is the model he designed for healing and equipping believers for ministry. And he and others like him have a driving conviction to uphold the sufficiency of Jesus Christ in contrast to those who hold the atheist-based psychotherapies as being compatible, equal, or superior to what believers have in Jesus Christ.  He believes that Jesus' life, principles, living modality including His cognitive and behavioral authority represents the preeminent standards and empowerment for human functioning. However, he could not develop the Christ-based Counseling system without being an outstanding Biblical strategist.  His depth and breadth of Biblical knowledge is scholarly, pragmatic and spiritually profound.  There are few Biblical topics that he has not researched.
An outstanding  teacher, pastoral-counselor, administrator, preacher, and  prolific writer, the old saints would say, "he has the burning and the learning."

A Man of Faith, Family, and Fearless Commitment, but above all else, "Jesus" is His Purpose for Living

Dr. DavidSon and family reside in the Dallas Metroplex. Among his achievements, he's first to confess that nothing has been more imperative in his life than his personal relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ.

Dr. Paul Carlin the president of Therapon Institute and the author of Belief Therapy calls Dr. DavidSon the nation's "torch bearing Christ-based Counselor."
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Christ-based Counseling is the U.S. Trademark ® and Copyright © of Dr. Steven B. DavidSon. Service Marks for A3CEES are: Christian Womens' Seminary (SM)  National Pentecostal Seminary (SM)  National Non-denominational Seminary (SM)   National Interdenominational Seminary (SM)  Mous Matoures Christian College (SM)  National Faith-life, Milk to Maturity (SM)
Confirmed, affirmed the nation's Christ-based leader to God's glory!
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